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FAQ - Nightvision Car or Marine use Dome Camera

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Author : Forsafe Co., Ltd
Update time : 2018-11-08 15:32:45
FAQ of Nightvision CCD Marine Dome Camera

1. Is wired rearview camera or wireless backup camera?

2. Is this CMOS or CCD sensor?
high quality CCD

3. What is frame rate?
PAL: 25f/s
NTSC: 30f/s

4. Is the camera waterproof?
The nightvision CCD Marine Dome camera is IP65, it can be placed inside.

5. Can I hear sound from the camera?
No, the camera does not have a microphone.

6. I am using the camera for reversing, how do I mirror the image?
It supports normal and mirror image, pls review manual.

7. What do I do if I couldn't install camera well the camera part moving around?
There is a screw in both left and right side, use the tool include in the package
to tight it or loose it
If this doesn’t help, visit Nightvision Marine Dome Camera Video

8. What do I do if I couldn't install it the camera base loosing and moving around?
There is four plastic blue screw covers in the package, place this to the surface before
screws. In case the place not allow you to place screw cover, you will need to find diameter
of screws (4mm ) as same as hole's or contact us.

9. Will the camera break at very low temperatures?
No, at very low temperatures the picture might tone into red.
At extremely low temperatures the camera might turn off. However, when
the temperature gets higher again the camera will regain its functionality.

10. Further questions?
You are always welcome to visit our website
or contact your local sales representative

11. Product details?
Welcome to visit Marine Dome Camera