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How to Pairing Digital Wireless Camera with Monitor - 17211

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Author : Forsafe Co., Ltd
Update time : 2019-09-11 15:01:50
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Pairing Digital Wireless Backup Camera to Wireless Monitor:        
1. Press Monitor button " CH / Pair ", select CH 1 ( Yellow LED on )        
Connect power for monitor by connecting the cigarette lighter to cigarette power cord,
screen is on and press MENU to see if you can see sub-menu for verify if power
connection for monitor has done successfully.
2. Press Monitor Button " CH / Pair " > 3 seconds, screens shows counting down " Pairing 60 seconds"
Quick to do Step 3 as follow within pairing counting down 60 seconds

3. Press Camera Button " PAIR" > 3 seconds        

4. Monitor shows SAVE means pairing successful

Notes: During Pairing process, Yellow LED on the left upper cornor is flashing
Notes: How to Check if Camera Has Powered on?
Check if power connection for camera has done successfully
Press "PAIR" button in the backside of camera and see the LED on left upper is flashing
if this LED flashing means camera has powered on.
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