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What benefits could those three parking gridlines bring to you?

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Author : Forsafe Co., Ltd
Update time : 2019-08-13 11:47:58

              What benefits could those three parking gridlines bring to you?


        As a result of our country’s rapid economic growth, most people’s income have risen more than ever before. Buying a car now is the priority of the list for many Chinese families.
        Along with the rapid development of technology, we can see that the luxury auxiliaries which only are installed on the expensive cars nowadays has appeared more in the affordable cars. Such ESP and Electric car seats etc. Offering people greatly improved driving comfort and safety.

         Among these expensive car accessories, reversing camera system is one of the most practical additions. It eliminates the hassle of reversing and provides the convenience especially for the new driver. Bedsides, it can help the drivers see what's directly behind the car to prevent many crashes like hitting children or small objects.  Those that are too low to see are sometimes called blind spots that cannot be seen in the rearview mirror.

         Most of training vehicles are older models and are not equipped with reversing cameras. So the trainning instructors usually don’t teach how to use this rearview monitoring technology. And many people don’t know the meaning for Red/Yellow/Green line of backup camera. However, these colored lines are really important for the backup safety. You should learn how to read these color guide lines before your cars get scratches.

         First of all, the rear-view camera display usually will have three horizontal lines ranging in the order of red, yellow and green. And each line has its own meaning.

         By reading the different color lines, we can estimate the distance from obstacles. The green guide line indicates that obstacles is farthest from the back of the car. As long as the object is beyond or within the green line zone, you can park your car confidently without worrying.

         But you should be careful when obstructions is within the yellow zone, indicating that your vehicle was getting close to an object. The yellow means warning. Manufacturers usually set the yellow line 60cm far from the rear of the vehicle. So you should lower down the speed and watch the rear view mirror to determine whether keep reversing or not.

         The last line is the red guideline, meaning the danger. The object within the red line zone is 30cm far from the rear of the car. In this situation, you should stop reversing immediately.

         Above is the meaning of three parking gridlines on the rear view camera. Hope it helpful for you you understand them better now.