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Buy the Right Thing @ Right Price

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Buy the Right Thing @ Right Price

You think drivers can rush out to his car with wallet and GPS navigation enough?
Hahaha stop overthinking?!  Many different types of car cameras are their favorites.

Even if you don’t have luxury cars or cool leather boots when reach an experienced driver, you still can make friends stunned by evaluating your “second home – your cars” with the latest car electronics. 

Although we all love to buy car electronics, sometimes we are wishy-washy to decide which one to buy.

We are often afraid expensive things cost way too much money, and cheap ones are bad. What's worse is spending a lot of money but not to use them. Toublesome facts are self-installation is complicated; hiring a professional to install is overpriced.
Actually, most people even don’t know the professional installation and the correct way to use, and may have bought a pig in a poke. So it made a waste of money and jealous of who own a good product after reading online reviews.

1. Blind-pick-up, picked a wrong car camera.
A 2015 survey of Consumer Behaviors of Purchasing Car Cameras shows that  60%  of car cameras buyers don’t know whether the cameras fit their cars or not before purchase. 
The first thing you should learn is figure out your needs and using frequency. Most people know that car camera system have wired and wireless types. However, the thing they don’t know is the situations where should use a wired type or Wireless type.

Be aware that wired reversing camera kit must installed by preofessional installers and technicians who are very familiar with the circuits in the car electrical system. Like some wired cameras are designed for specific vehicle models and are not suitable for common. An additional car camera or some automotive electronics incorporated into circuit protection cannot be added to some cars like Audi and BMW. Thus, the wrong car camera not only will blow your money but also destroy the circuits in the car. Don’t ever buy it.

2. Lack of knowledge about installation and using
Many people are assuming/gussing installing and using their backup camera wrong way every day. Don’t know how to set up car cameras properly and safely. Wired camera, specific reversing kit, wireless camera, wifi camera, dash camera, digital wireless car cameras, so on. OPTIONAL OR NECESSARY? Cannot tell the difference.

Some buyers like to read some online reviews. Such as, "Very easy and quick to install", "The lowest price", "big discount" etc. But most professional and reliable supplier will not do that. It is a means of short-term sales promotion.

In fact, car camera is easy to set up. Just need to know your car's model, use habits and how much you can master DIY skills. Besides, learn the design and function of the product from the product image and introduction. So hooking up car cameras will not trouble you again.

3. Picked rely on online reviews to buy.
We had learned from many friends that they relied heavily on online reviews when making purchases, without reading carefully the product introduction. After we taught them to learn product specifications and select the suitable car cameras. Eventually, the cost is 50% lower than before, and the after-sales service is even better. They have realized money was spent in the past mostly on branding.

We often tell people that expensive products have many functions and seems like more valuable. But sometimes it is not a must-have. For example, car camera comes with a large monitor and recording function or a specific function HDMI input etc, those not necessary for most of vehicles.

Generally, the above mis-lead experiences are encountered and shared are all from many of our friends. It can be simple to install and operate a camera system if you obtain reliable product information, like well-written introduction of installation and product functions. But if you are in a fake online review trap, the electronics will burn through money and make you bothered often. So the thing you really needs is the most credible source of product details and information.

In the next article, our marketing specialist, who has 10 years’ experience in the industry of car cameras, would share more professional information.


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