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Wireless Magnetic Battery Powered Portable Rear View Backup Camera

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Author : Forsafe Co., Ltd
Update time : 2019-09-03 15:27:34
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  Wireless Magnetic Battery Powered  Portable
Rear View Backup Camera

Let’s quick look at the features of this wireless magnetic battery powered portable rear view backup camera:
Wireless Magnetic Battery Powered Portable Rear View Backup Camera Review      

Magnetic base, which makes the camera and battery power easily removable and attachable to most vehicle surfaces
or any workplace, as long as it is metallic.
9-Volt battery powerbank, which makes the camera independent of a vehicle for power supply, increasing installation freedom.      
Instant wireless tranmitting distance, up to 300meter/980 ft transmitting distance, which makes this system independent of connecting wires.        
Portable design allows you to easily switch the system from one vehicle to the other and bring them with you to any workplace.      
Night vision Camera capability enables you to backup safely in the low light circustance or even in the dark.            
IP69K Waterproof Camera means your camera is well protected from dust, sand, and rain.            
Multiple Cameras System supports using 1-4 wireless backup camera & recording        
How to use this wireless magnetic portable backup camera system?    
In addition to its numerous features listed above, installation and use of this backup camera system is also very easy and quick.
Following is the simple step by step guide:
wireless magnetic battery powered portable backup camera
Following is a detailed look at the features of this wireless magnetic
battery powered portable backup camera.

HD Digital Wireless System.
HD ( high resolution ) digital wireless system offers many advantages in backup camera systems.
Firstly, being wireless means that you don't need to run/pulling cables from the camera
in the vehicle's rear to the monitor in front. HD high definition picture quality is provide you excellent camera image quality.            
Secondly, being digital makes pairing possible between the camera and the monitor, this prevents signal interferences
between the two or interefered by other electrical devices.
the pairing happens automatically, and the monitor only receives video signals from the camera, with which it has been paired.
Thirdly, our digital wireless system is effective up to 100meter/300ft, which is long enough for most suitable places and applications

Magnetic base                                          
being fitted with a powerful magnetic base make it very easy for you to mount this camera on any part of the vehicle.
The magnet is very powerful and you are 
guaranteed that the camera will not fall off while you are on the move.                                
The whole installation also requires no hardware and no tools, all you need is a metallic part of any vehicle and you are good to go.                    
Wireless Backup Camera Powed by 9V Battery.                                    
With removable magnet base for the backup camera, 9V battery offer a very convenient and relatively durable
independent power supply. You don’t have to depend on your vehicle’s power system, neither do you need to
assort out and cut wires to power the camera.
9-Volt batteries are additionally well designed. Their 2 connectors make it easy to attach a battery quickly and easily, and to secure it as well.                  
Because they can output up to 9 volts of electric power, the camera has a relatively high voltage power source available to it, as well as the ability to use lower power when needed.          

Portable backup camera.
Its design makes this system very portable. This includes the small sizes of the camera and the monitor, the use of batteries,
as well as the use of a cigarette-lighter adapter for the monitor’s power supply.
Having a magnetic base allows you to either quickly install the camera on one car and to also quickly remove it.                        
The small-sized components mean you can easily transport them from place to place, or from one car to the other.
The battery and cigarette-lighter power systems also allow the system to be easily installed in most vehicles.
Since the camera and the monitor connect wirelessly, there is practically no limit to the different situations you can install this system.                    
wireless magnetic backup camera system                                     
Night Vision.                                          
Our camera is equipped with 11 infrared LEDs, which provide enough illumination in the dark to create camera visibility up to 5meters.                    
Night vision capability is a necessary feature of any backup camera system because there are times that the ability to see
in the dark and to back up a vehicle safely can be of utmost importance.
100% Weatherproof magnetic backup camera.                                  
An IP69 rating of the camera guarantees its protection from various weather elements. The first digit “6” certifies protection from
ingress of solid particles, from rocks and dirt up to being dust-tight.
The second digit certifies protection from liquids. This includes from splashing and spraying water, as well as from water jets
and even an immersion of the camera inside water.
Very imprtant thing is we developed camera with save-energy technology, 50% power consumption reduced, this is battery using time prolong.                  
In addition, we are digital wireless backup camera manufacture, unlike other resellers, we offer you direct factory prices.

As a leading supplier in the industry with great R&D support, we also offer ODM & OEM services; please kindly contact for details.
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