Our Team
Our Team /
Mission of FORSAFE
Being one of the leading vehicle safety systems manufacture and supplier requires
brave decisions, innovation, a focus on customers and technology– and people with
a passion for long term car rear view, driving, parking safety providing.
Owen Meng (蒙震), Founder
Forsafe (Yuwei) – Backup camera systems,
Rearview mirror and DVR manufacture and supplier

Empower a Team
To reach this goal and to produce high level of
quality we stand for in our industry, I believe in
empowering people. To help my team members
grow into the future managers and leaders we want,
I constantly need to expose them to new challenges
and let them take on more responsibility.
Chen Lin Zhen
Financial Manager, Since 2011

Together we Providing
Driving and Parking Safety

Jane Chen has been working with us as a   
Financial Manager since 2011: "I really enjoy
working with colleagues in our company
with the common goal of providing driving
and parking safety products at high quality and low costs. 
Forsafe is an exciting company that builds innovative
products with brave Mind and all in pursuit of bringing 
driver more enjoyable and safety devices
to the global market!"
         Yin HuiYanWith Forsafe Since 2008 (艳)
           Plant Manager of Forsafe – Wireless Backup Camera System
        Quality & Standard
          “Production requires day-to-day attention from a
             compatible team of colleagues. My vision is to build
             a wireless backup camera systems plant for our
             company Forsafe in China. 

            “To reach to produce the high level of quality we stand
             for in our industry, I believe in knowing team member
             and leading them. To help my team members grow into
             the experienced worker and even long service to grow
             with us together, I everyday need to communicate with
             them and let them understand importance of quality &                       
             standard as we want, then guide them take on high quality                 
             and lowest waste responsibilities.”

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