HD 4CH Waterproof Vehicle Mobile DVR

Item No.: FS-MDVR4
HD Waterproof Mobile DVR with GPS Tracking and 3G/4G/WiFi
Support 4 Channel AHD 1080P / 720P Input
Support trigger recording, timer trigger recording, motion trigger recording, G-force trigger recording
3G, 4G, GPS tracking technology

HD 4CH Waterproof Vehicle Mobile DVR

A Perfect Fleet Management Solution
Real-time remote monitoring, remote management, and dispatch of all vehicles in the mobile phone,
vehicle MDVR system can solve your worries! Help the team reduce safety accidents by 90%.

#01 Powerful Background Management


#02 Watch Real-time Video on PC

Each car has a Specific Identification Number, and users can find videos in real-time.

#03 Remote Management
Remote management fleet. Remotely manage the fleet, mobile or computer remotely view the fleet dynamics in real-time,
and easily control the situation on the spot

#04 GPS Vehicle Historical Track Playback

Through GPS, PC client, or mobile app, you can clearly query the current location and historical
running track of the vehicle on google maps / Baidu maps.


#05 Loop Recording

Automatic Loop Recording, overlay, switch, video playback, support remote HD screenshot pictures.

#06 G-shock Sensor ( Emergency Recording)
Adjustable High sensitivity G-sensor triggered by a shock will auto-look the video as an SOS file when collision detected,
which will not be covered by the new videos and offers strong evidence in accidents.

#07 24 Hours Monitoring
Four cameras are monitored, and the video is continuously monitored 24 hours a day outside the car.

#08 Wide Application
Vehicle MDVR system designed for various vehicles management, and widely used in buses, coaches, construction machinery,
Taxis, lorries, fire trucks, ambulances, passenger vehicles, etc.

#09 System Installation